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How to apply Elastic Compression for Swelling of the Leg or Ankle

Meet Leah Flamm, PT, DPT

Vestibular Therapy

Correct Posture While Picking Somthing Up

Correct Posture

Proper Squat Form

Proper Standing Desk Form (Pt 1)

Proper Standing Desk Form (Pt 2)

How to Pick Something up with Correct Form

Correct Form When Sitting at a Computer

Correct Form When Sitting at Your Desk

Treatment Plans with Ray Moore

Lillian Measuring VO2 Max

Meet Lillian Wynn, PT, DPT

John Hip Abduction

John Reverse Clam Shells

Lumbar-Pelvic ROM

John Clam Shells

Hip ADDuction squeeze

Psoas stretch

Psoas stretch 2

Thera Band Exercises
for Shoulders

Foam Roller Exercises
with Lillian

Travel Tips with Sarah
Part 2

Happy 4th of July - exercises
to do by the pool!

3 Exercises to
Improve Dad's Golf Game

3 Exercises to get
Beach Body Ready!

Easy workout to do
on the Stability Ball

Happy Mother's Day! Back Pain Exercises to do During Pregnancy

Gardening Tips